Chiara Soletti

Chiara Soletti Bio

Chiara studied at the University of Padua, Italy, graduating in 2012 with a Master degree in Policies and Institutions for Human Rights and Peace. Her passion for human rights protection and international relations brought her to London for an internship in human rights education at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International. After this experience, she decided to remain in the UK and found a job in the third sector. While working as a project officer in the charity sector, she became the Human Rights and Climate Coordinator for Italian Climate Network (ICN), an Italian non-profit organisation committed to raising awareness on climate change. During her five years of collaboration with ICN, Chiara focused her activities on the consequences of climate change on people’s lives, analysing how to alleviate the struggle of vulnerable groups from a human rights perspective. She has been a civil society observer the UNFCCC climate negotiations since 2015, monitoring the human rights principles integration in the implementation of the Paris Agreement, joining the advocacy activities of the Women and Gender Constituency and collaborating with the Inter-Constituencies Human Rights Working Groups. Thank the experienced gained with the WGC at the UNFCCC, she was promoted Policy Advisor for ICN and joined the EIT Climate-KIC as Regional Innovation Scheme MED Officer.